Monday, February 19, 2007

Tuition Increase

President Randy Dunn announced, in a tuition forum Friday, that he would propose to the Board of Regents an 8.4 percent tuition increase for next year. Currently, students pay $4,998 per year. The increase would mean students would pay $5,418 a year.

University officials also announced an increase in Residential College rates. Students may pay $1,518 for a double room or $2,429 for a private room. However, students who plan to live in the new Clark Residential College can expect to pay $500 more than students in other Colleges. The rates to live in Clark could be about $2,018 for a double room or $3,229 for a private room. Those living in Clark College should expect an increase because of the new facility and its features. The increase will also help pay the bonds the University used to build the College.

Dunn plans to present the recommended increases to the Board of Regents this Friday.

What are your thoughts on tuition and room and board increases? Will the extra fee to live in Clark change your living situation in the Residential Colleges? What do you think the University should do (if anything) to aid students with the cost?


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TBirdTom said...

Is that $5418. per semester or Year?